A Girl with a Katana is Sitting in a Bloody Puddle

Awesome animated, live desktop wallpaper / theme: “A Girl with a Katana is Sitting in a Bloody Puddle” at high quality and only for free.

Rain lashed against Akiko’s face, the metallic tang of blood mingling with the downpour. Her silk kimono, once vibrant crimson, was now a canvas of deeper red, staining the stone courtyard beneath her. Gripping the hilt of her katana, her knuckles were white, the polished metal slick with rainwater and something far less welcome. Exhaustion gnawed at her, a leaden weight in her limbs. Yet, her amber eyes blazed with defiance, scanning the carnage around her. Ten bodies lay strewn across the courtyard, all clad in the midnight blue of the rival clan. Each life she’d taken felt like a hollow echo, a grim price for survival. A cough wracked her slender frame, sending a fresh wave of pain through her side. A shallow wound, but enough to weaken her. Suddenly, a rustle from the garden gate. Heart hammering, Akiko raised her katana, the rain dripping from its tip. A lone figure emerged from the downpour, shrouded in darkness. Friend or foe? In this world, there were no easy answers.