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Forget the sun, Guardians! Destiny 2: Beyond Light blasts you into the unforgiving freeze of Europa, Jupiter’s moon. Whispers of a dark power crawl from beneath the ice, wielded by the enigmatic Aramis.
This time, the fight gets personal. To face this ancient evil, Guardians will delve into the forbidden power of Stasis, a subclass fueled by Darkness itself. It’s a gamble, but with the promise of new weapons, armor, and a legendary raid, the risk might just be worth it.
Beyond Light isn’t just about the combat, though. It introduces a brand new social hub – the Exo Stranger’s outpost. This haven will be your place to unwind with fellow Guardians, swap stories of epic battles, and strategize your next move. Whether you’re a seasoned fireteam leader or a brand new Light bearer, Beyond Light promises a thrilling new chapter in the Destiny 2 saga. So, grab your Ghost, and get ready to rewrite the legend!


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