Awesome animated, live desktop wallpaper / theme: “Once Human | Survival Game” at high quality and only for free.

Embark on an odyssey within the realms of Once Human, a New Weird Sandbox Survival Game. Triggered by the mysterious unveiling of a silver portal, the cosmos scatters Stardust, permeating the world and morphing it into a nightmarish panorama. Infused with the essence of New Weird aesthetics, Once Human interlaces the rigors of scientific rationale with the enigmatic allure of the unexplored.

Explore a vast open world where your survival depends on facing tough challenges, from harsh weather to encounters with strange creatures and the harshness of human behavior. Construct shelters amidst the wilderness, engage in battles against grotesque monsters, and master the art of surviving the untamed. Armed with lethal weaponry and potent skills, wage war against the ever-evolving, yet still mysterious, chaos.

As a Beyonder, you confront an ever-shifting landscape of uncertainties. Armed with courage, explore the enigma-laden post-apocalyptic world and carve out your niche amid the upheaval

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