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The relationship between Shigaraki and Deku in “My Hero Academia” can be described as complex and conflictive. Shigaraki, as the leader of the League of Villains, is one of Deku’s main enemies, who, in turn, is the main hero and defender of the world.
Although at the beginning of the series, Deku felt sympathy towards Shigaraki and his ideology, he later realized that his path was about protecting the world and saving people, while Shigaraki seeks to destroy everything that exists.
Shigaraki, on the other hand, sees Deku as his main enemy, who hinders him from achieving his goals. Throughout the series, they confront each other several times, and each time the battle between them becomes increasingly tense.
However, recent events in the manga, as well as some moments shown in the anime, suggest that Deku and Shigaraki have some common traits and ideals. Perhaps in the future, they will have several more encounters that may further reveal their relationship and dynamics.


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