The Father of All Saiyans Akumo – Free Live Wallpaper

Awesome and cool animated live desktop wallpaper: “The Father of All Saiyans Akumo” at high quality and only for free.
Akumo (視力の), also known as King of the Saiyans Akumo (サイヤ人アクモの王) was the King of All Saiyans from the erased universe – Universe 13 and was regarded as the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’ of that universe until he was erased by Zeno.

Download “The Father of All Saiyans Akumo - Free Live Wallpaper”

Akumo-The-Father-of-All-Saiyans-Live-Wallpaper.mp4 – Downloaded 919 times – 2.22 MB

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